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Randolph Street Market

The Randolph Street Market is a very unique kind of event in Chicago, often there are festivals out there that sound cool but when you get there they’re actually quite lame, I’m thing of you Cleveland’s 2nd annual Garlic Festival. The Randolph Street Market is the opposite of that if anything. I was plugged into it by a good friend and antique aficionado last year when he was shopping for a work bench. All of the booths there have have interesting collections that are sometimes surreal, or humorous, or eclectic often all three. It’s not your typical flee market where you have to hunt thru garbage to find one cool thing, the sellers know exactly what catches peoples’ eyes when they go out antiquing, and they bring plenty of it. This time around I ran into someone very fascinating  who used old kitchen utensils to make little robots. I even made a separate album just to highlight them in a later post. The artist is from Decatur IL. and was telling me about some of her pieces she sent over to the American Folk Museum. I think she really typified the type of unexpected things you can find at this market.  see the gallery


If you’re interested in going yourself check out their website to find out when their next even is.

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