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Modern Vintage Fall Fashion Show

I’ve often asked myself “why do I like to live in Chicago?” as opposed to a small town or the suburbs, and usually the best answer that I can come up with is the city is where the action is. However, for me, honestly, most of my “action” involves going Walgreens to get a Redbox, or getting Thai food delivered while I work on my computer. So what really makes the city so special if most of us never tap into that action? I believe it really comes down to one thing, the people. When you get enough people together in one place all the sudden these little groups start to form made up of individuals who all like the same thing, and the bigger the city gets the more peculiar, eclectic, and unique these groups get.  Although it might seem hard to imagine, all of human culture started at some point from a small group of people who decided to think differently than everyone else.

Modern Vintage is just one of those little groups that could only be started in a place like Chicago. This weekend I had the opportunity to join them at their annual fall fashion show, and had a great time.  Sally Schwartz who had invited me described the group as feeling like a family and right away when I got there I could see why, it was just a group of people who truly loved vintage clothes and fashions. They wanted to share that love with the people around them. I think it was because of this, even though they were targeting a specific niche, the show itself seemed accessible to anyone regardless of their experience in vintage or fashion.

The team did an excellent job in picking a location that seemed true to the overall  event, giving a sense as I commented to my friend when we arrived “This almost seems like one of those secret parties that you know exist in Chicago, but your never cool enough to get invited”. There was a speak-easy feel in the minimalistic atmosphere with played well to the vintage atmosphere.

Now, speaking as a guy for a moment, sometimes when a fashion show isn’t done right it can be straight up boring, I’m not sure what holds women’s interests at some of these shows, maybe it’s imagining themselves in the clothes  (it must be the female equivalent of a sports game or something). But on Saturday Modern Vintage presented something that was equally fashion and show keeping me entertained the whole way thru. In my opinion, the difference was the interactivity and surprise factor. I enjoyed both the obvious attention grabbers like the burlesque and swing numbers, but also the more subtle connections the models were making with each other, like the high-fives to support each other and the general light-heartedness. The fashions themselves were quite unique, inventive and cool, reminding me that there’s a reason why some of these looks are making a come-back. Modern Vintage definitely has its own unique style, culture and voice, and all those things came thru in spades this Saturday. I can’t wait to see what they do next, they really are one of the reasons I like to live in Chicago.

Here is the gallery from that night: Modern Vintage

here’s the Pabst spokes-model

I was really hoping this was a tri-wolf shirt, maybe next time


I was quite amused that she used a cell phone in 40’s attire, she broke character, shhh don’t tell anyone.



Let me know if I forgot anyone and I’ll add them



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