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I have over five years of experience as a professional photographer, with a photojournalistic style, and a   simple style that relies   more on capturing a moment and natural beauty than expensive rigs and back end touch ups. I believe truly great photos can evoke emotion and tell a story to those who view them.






 My style for wedding photography is unique compared to most photographers. I am interested in  capturing stories with my pictures, and wedding and engagements are love stories. I strongly believe an in depth interview process with the bride and groom about their “love story” is essential to telling the story of their wedding as opposed to the story of “a wedding”.

When working on portraits I believe a calm supportive attitude is the best way to allow a person to open up and feel comfortable being themselves around the camera. My goal is find and capture someone’s personal beauty, which is often overlooked in a culture that puts too much emphasis on “sexy” a cheap substitute for true beauty.



I shoot with an Olympus camera on the 4/3rds system. Apart from personal preferences the most notable reason why I chose Olympus is that it stabilizes the image in the camera as opposed to in the lens, this opens up a world of older lenses that would otherwise be nearly unusable given modern camera’s stabilizing abilities. I also implement lens renting for important events, meaning the lenses I use on your event will be the highest quality on the market, and better than all but a few photographer’s setups.


Work Experience


September 2008 Jie Hao (musician)

December 2009 Jordan and Olivia Mallery (engagement photos)

January 2009 David and Ruth Augspurger (engagement photos)

May 2011 Ryan and Julie Henshaw (engagement photos)

April 2012 Maggie Hogan (jewelry photos)

August 2012 Shawanda Swain (jewelry photos)

September 2012 Jacob Ifigolia (Child portraits)

September 2012 Angel Blackman (Child portraits)


July 2012 Gratis Pearls product photos (jewelry)



May 2009 Relaxation Station

November 2009 Logan Bar and Grill (solo exhibit)

March 2010 Boarders DeKalb branch

August 2010 Boarders DeKalb branch

November 2010 Create (Moody Church art night)

January 2011 Chicago public library, Lincoln Park branch (solo exhibit)

November 2011 Create (Moody Church art night)


February 2009 Phil and Vanessa Saineghi

June 2009 Jordan and Olivia Mallery

August 2010 Brad and Jula Haugen

June 2011 Ryan and Julie Henshaw


October 2008 Moody Church (Chicago marathon)

March 2009 Crossroads college ministry spring retreat

 May 2009 Jordan and Olivia Mallery’s wedding shower

October 2009 Moody Church (Chicago marathon)

December 2011 Ivy retirement community (staff holiday party)

March 2012 180° Properties (program work photos)

April 2012 “The Campaigners”/Gasoline and Lilacs promotions (independent film

production photos)

April 2012 Moody Church (missions conference)

September 2012 For One Chicago (Community Service)

October 2012 Modern Vintage Fall Fashion Show



Isac Malmgren photography

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